Die Oog in Kuruman

Die Oog, also known as The Eye of Kuruman in English, is the very reason that Kuruman exists today as a town. One of the very few natural water sources available in the arid Kalahari region, Die Oog was an obvious place for travellers to meet for hundreds of years. In the 1800's Robert Moffat, a missionary, setup a christian mission near Die Oog, and setup a system to transport water from Die Oog to his mission to water the plans he had setup. Moffat is famous for being the first to translate the Bible into local African languages, and for promoting the Christian faith in the area.

Die Oog provides water year round at a rate of approximately 20 million litres per day, and supplies the town of Kuruman as well surrounding farms with water.


Ronél & Pieter Pretorius

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Map and Directions

Map and directions to Azalea Guest House in Kuruman, Northern Cape.

12 Azalea Street, Kuruman, Northern Cape

GPS: -27.440925, 23.431697


"What a wonderful experience!
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Marinda Barkley, South Africa, 2015